Dear Sirs and Madams

I am Ako Suzuki from ARiNa Co., Ltd. which store is located in Ginza, Tokyo and handles designing works and sales of Body Jewelries.
Our Body Jewelries are made of rhinestones of SWAROVSKI® Crystals and they are different from those of painting types and they have following features.
1. Patented in Japan.
2. Passed the patch test.
3. Using the unique sheet made by 3M company, which is repeatedly reusable.
4. Each Body Jewelries are carefully designed and our skilled craftsman sets rhinestones piece-by-piece on the sheet.
5. All the products including the custom ordered and mass produced products are handmade in Japan.

Our products are yet to be known around the world but they have been used in the fashion show of Yumi Katsura, a famous designer for wedding in Japan, costumes and tour goods of singers, and photographing sessions such as for the actor’s dinner show poster. In all of these situations, our products gained favorable reputation.

Hope you took an interest in our products.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the e-mail address below.


Ako Suzuki